Multi-Dimensional Holistic Transformation (MHT) Process 

What is the Multi-Dimensional Holistic Transformation (MHT) Process?

Developed over 25 years of experiential investigations and professional trainings, the Multi-Dimensional Holistic Transformation (MHT) Process is an integrative spiritual counseling service focused on spiritual healing and growth developed by Dr. Yi. The process assumes that you are an absolutely unique soul having human experiences to learn various lessons. This view is based on near-death studies, out-of-body experiences, and other forms of evidence summarized in Dr. Yi's forthcoming book. The process however, focuses on your immediate issues, concerns and values and honors your unique worldview. It includes the following key components to help you embody your deepest life purpose: spiritual counseling, somatic education, bodywork, energy medicine, trauma resolution modalities, meditative/contemplative explorations, hypnotherapy, and group work. 

One of the fundamental assumptions of the system is that each person is made up of five core dimensions: body, emotions/energy, mind, attention/soul, and awareness. Depending on the person, using modalities that target the most important dimension and addressing multiple dimensions simultaneously lead to more rapid and profound change. 

Phases of the Process

Phase 1: In the initial phase, Dr. Yi will assess your core patterns of experience and the circumstances and situations they arise in. Additionally, he will look at your unique developmental history to understand the particular person that you are and what led to these patterns in your life. Together, you and he will cultivate a deeper understanding of these patterns and find the most important modalities to incorporate into formal sessions and into your everyday life.

Additionally, you both will discern the most important values and core purpose(s) to your life and what form you want your life to take going forward but feel held back in various ways. You both will explore what lessons you may be learning through the patterns in your life and how to align more fully with your deepest values and purpose.

Phase 2: In this phase, you will start experiencing the various modalities you both have decided to incorporate into individual sessions. Additionally, you will engage in practices at home to bring into your everyday life. Through this process, the two of you will refine both the practices you are engaging with outside of individual sessions and also decide which modalities to use less or more of in individual work. 

Phase 3: In phase 3, you will begin to work with like-minded individuals who are also aiming to embody more of their purpose and core values in their lives. In these group sessions, different group processes will be engaged to further work through blocks to living your life visions and receiving support from a group of like-minded individuals who wish to bring more of their gifts into the world.

The Story Behind The Multi-Dimensional Holistic Transformation (MHT) Process

As a teen, Dr. Yi suffered with extreme anxiety and depression which made life hard to live. In response to this, he turned toward meditation to try and address these issues. After some intensive meditation practice, he had a spiritual opening that helped to heal a significant portion of his pain and difficulties. After this opening, he made a commitment that he would dedicate the rest of his life to helping others who have suffered like himself. He knew he had to explore healing and growth methods far and wide to be able to serve the diversity of different people's personalities most skillfully. So he studied various spiritual modalities, growth systems, and psychology healing tools and perspectives to find those that he deemed the most transformative. He trained in and became certified in several of these documented in his biography. However, he yearned to find ways to integrate many of these disciplines since he saw how the combination would serve as a much more powerful system than any on their own to address the degree of suffering faced by many. 

As a result, he created the Multi-Dimensional Holistic Transformation (MHT) Process as a spiritual counseling system used for healing and growth to address the entirety of who people are. He sees this system as a core path of service he can offer to others who may have suffered like himself and to those who yearn to fully bring forth their deeper life purpose into the world more fully. Through this work, he wishes to empower those who go through the program to impact others and society at large in positive ways from the individual to the social and global levels, especially during this critical time on the planet.

If you are interested in participating in this next cohort of this program, please notify us when contacting the center.